A rural science fiction story about extinction, narrated by an individual that is the last of its kind.


Written and directed by: Dalia Huerta Cano | Ivan Puig

Main character: Pueblo Sánchez

Produced by: Dalia Huerta Cano | Ivan Puig

Cinematography: Dalia Huerta Cano | Ivan Puig

Production design: Dalia Huerta Cano | Ivan Puig 

Edited by: Dalia Huerta Cano | Ivan Puig 

Original Score and sound design: Homero González 

Executive Producer: Karla Uribe

Editing consultant: Miguel Schverdfinger 

Main Character’s voice: Ivan Puig

News’ voice: Wanda Vrasti

Smell recorder: Ivan Puig

Visual effects: Andrés Padilla Domene

Credits and graphic design: Diego Aguirre

English translation: Toni Huerta Romero

French translation: Jeanne Dureault

Digital intermedia and deliveries: Ei2 media S.A de C.V.

5.1 mix operator: Alejandro Merodio & Homero González / Floating Point

Conforming | Colorist: Víctor Velázquez

Sound mix: Labodigital SA de CV.

From IMCINE: Short film division

Yuria Goded, Marilú Loaiza Itzel Rentería Adriana Sánchez


Fraccionamiento Las Paulonias, Querétaro / Mexico

Muséum National D’Histoire Naturelle (Hall of endangered and extinct species) Paris / France



MÉXICO, 2016 www.imcine.gob.mx

Festivals / Screenings:

  • Guanajuato International Film Festival GIFF (Official selection, Mexico) / July 2016
  • Morelia Film Festival (Official selection, Mexico) / October 2016
  • Stuttgarter Filmwinter (Official selection, Germany) / January 2017
  • Cinema Planeta (Official selection, Cuernavaca, Mexico) / May 2017
  • Black Canvas FCC (Official selection, Mexico) / September 2017
  • Lit & luz Festival of Language, Literature and Art (Collective screening, Chicago, USA, Mexico) / October 2019  and February 2020