Alle mensen en andere ziveraar

An exploration on a confused state of a trapped and wild experience on supposedly dancing forever or never with someone. An experimentation with 16mm double exposure and by hand developing using extra materials as buckets, sand and any film scratcher. Co-directed by film maker Dalia Huerta Cano and Belgian artist and editor Patrick Danse (Datrick Huertanse).

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Written, directed and photographed by: Datrick Huertanse (Dalia Huerta Cano y Patrick Danse)

Music: Esteban De la Monja

Festivals / Screenings:

  • Artemovendo, Porto Alegre, Brasil / July 2015.
  • Mex-Parismental 10e edition, Paris, France / June 2015.
  • Explorations and Documentations Portland, San Francisco /Nov. 2012.
  • VIII Concurso Nacional de Video Experimental / Oct. 2010