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Original title: Síntomas
English title: Symptoms

Mexico, 2019
Dur: 21 min. 27 sec.

For two years, a surgeon sends messages to her husband’s ex-lover obsessively as she knows about the infidelity.


Síntomas TRAILER from dalia huerta cano on Vimeo.


Country of production: Mexico
Month / Year of completion: January, 2019
Exact runtime: 21min. 27 sec.
Shooting format: HD
Aspect ratio: 2 : 35

Produced, directed, cinematographed and edited by: Dalia Huerta Cano
Engineer, sound design, foleys, original music, mixing & mastering: Homero González
/ Experimento Sonoro
Additional original music: Dedos Van Lom
Additional cinematographers: Jhasua Camarena, Natali Montell
Assistant producer: Ruth Plascencia
Layout, text, credits, subtitles, postcards and poster designer: Diego Aguirre
Assistant director: José Villalobos
Model: Alicia Flores Teón
Make up artist: Fabiola Torres-Alzaga
Editing advisor: Patrick Danse
Color corrector and DCP: Luciano Rodríguez Arredondo / Sadhu Films
English translator and subtitling: María Antonieta del Refugio Huerta Romero
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Locations: Mexico, United States, Germany, France, Norway, Japan

Festivals / Screenings:
- FIVAcc: Festival Internacional de Videoarte Cultivamos Cultura, Portugal- August, 2019
- Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia, Mexico-October, 2019
- Black Canvas FCC- Mexico- October, 2019
- Lit & luz Festival of Language, Literature and Art-Chicago / Mexico - Oct., 2019 / Feb., 2020
- Zanate Festival de cine documental mexicano, Competencia Premio Zanate Corto/ Mediometraje, Colima, Mexico -Nov. 20, 2019
- Apatzingán Festival Internacional de Cine, Mexico- Feb. 29, 2020
- Segundo Encuentro de Mujeres en el cine, CDMX, Mexico-March 7th, 2020
- Ambulante, Mexico- March / May, 2020
- Doqumenta Querétaro, Mexico & online- August / 2020
- Videoex- International Experimental Film & Video Festival. Zurich, Switzerland - Sept. / 2020